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[GitHub] commons-text issue #79: Upgrade to JUnit 5.1

Github user kinow commented on the issue:

    Tested the master branch first, and everything obviously worked. Then switched to this branch, and got an error message, then Eclipse opened the run configuration.
    Followed @PascalSchumacher 's suggestion, removed the project JUnit run configurations, then re-run the class, and everything worked with no issues.
    Tested a class, a method, and the entire project, by right clicking each of these, then Run As -> JUnit Test (i.e. Eclipse also recognized the files as JUnit tests).
    Also put a breakpoint in some random method, then Debug As -> JUnit Test, and it worked as expected too.
    Looks good to me. Might be a good idea to wait for @garydgregory 's feedback as I have very little experience with JUnit 5 for now, besides reading slides/docs/etc.


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