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RE: Very slow SSL-enabled console proxy


It cannot be due to server load because it is fresh cloudstack installation and no one connects to console. It is something regarding SSL connection. 


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From: Ivan Kudryavtsev
Sent: Monday, September 10, 2018 4:22 AM
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Subject: Re: Very slow SSL-enabled console proxy

Hello, Fariborz.

You can try to create a service offering for CPVM and set its UUID in
global vars, but usually it works fine by default.

пн, 10 сент. 2018 г., 4:17 Fariborz Navidan <mdvlinquest@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Hello folks,
> After enabling console proxy SSL, it is very slow, It takes to long to
> establish https session. What can be the cause? Please help.
> Best Regards