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Re: Case of CEPH Environment Hyper-converged

In particular, Ceph needs a *lot* of spindles / CPU / network interfaces to run with reasonable performance. I tried just a 3-system 6-spindle Ceph implementation, and was getting streaming write throughput of 20 megabytes per second. Which, uhm, isn't good, in case you're wondering. As in, external USB 2.0 disk drive speed not good.

Use NFS if you're doing a small installation. I did a small 2 node installation (1 compute, 1 file server) that way, and it worked fine.

On 9/3/18 11:13, Andrija Panic wrote:
Had exactly the case (CEPH +KVM + CS), very long time ago = just dont' do it.... as simple as that :)

BTW, It's interesting ,these days it's called hyper-converged when you put all things (roles) on single box - back in the days (again, loooong time ago) this was called "we don't have enough money" :)))


On Mon, 3 Sep 2018 at 19:57, Felipe Rossi <felipe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.invalid> wrote:

    Hi All,

    I would like know if some one have case of CEPH + CS + KVM or
    other hypervisor in
    environment hyper-converged using CS.

    Att / Regards


Andrija Panić