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Basic Network - Router IP allocated to VM ( Invalid IPs )



       I have a issue with my CloudStack setup, looks like the same issue
persist in last version of CloudStack 4.11.1.  ( previous versions, 4.9,
4.5.2 etc.. )



        Current setup :

*	CloudStack 4.11.1
*	VMware 5.5
*	Basic Network
*	1(one) zone, multiple POD IP ranges (Guest)


         I use the Guest IP as Public IPs for my instances, each IP is
automatically assigned to VM by CloudStack, I didn't customized anything.



       Here is an example :


        IP range :

Mask                                             Start IP
End IP













      Router IP from this class is : 149.xxx.xx.53



     After I deploy few instances, one of the Instance will have the router
IP   149.xxx.xx.53 !!   in order to skip this I have to turn off this VM and
leave like this, if I destroy this will happen again.      ( invalid
IP/instance, I cannot use )


     On this setup I have 5 IPs ranges, this mean 5 Invalid VMs. 


     I have multiple CloudStack environments, I experience this issue only
on the setups with Basic Networking.




     Is there a way to fix this issue, problem?  ( block those IP by being
used for VMs, or.  )



   Thank you !