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Re: ACS 4.11.1 with Vmware VCSA 6.5

Hey !

I'm currently testing it... looks good so far, I should be able to finish my test by Friday, I'll keep you posted asap...

quick note: just make sure you compile your ACS 4.11.1 with the latest nonoss package... ( ie: vim25_65.jar )

everything is available at : https://github.com/rhtyd/cloudstack-nonoss.git


On 2018-08-22 1:09 PM, Netlynker wrote:

I tried to find information in ACS doc site but apparently documents are
not updated yet.

As such, I would like to ask you guys if any of u tried ACS 4.11 with
Vcenter appliance 6.5?

If you manage to do so, is that smooth sailing or need any trick to make it

Thanks in advance.