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Re: slow performance CEPH RBD on KVM


Google "enable rbd cache on KVM" - this is supposed to enable write back
cache if client OS sends proper flush commands (i.e. linux kernel newer
than 3.0) - will NOT help with reads, obviously...

For rest, there can be done some tunning, but expect no miracle.

You didn't specify ceph cluster details, journals setup, etc - would be
useful to know, then KVM host version, etc.


On Fri, Aug 3, 2018, 16:05 Benjamin Naber <benjamin.naber@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Hi @all,
> ive setup a Ceph Cluster in combination with KVM Hosts. If i benchmark
> ceph rbd performance from Hypervisor itself i got 10 times higher
> performance than from using a cloudstack created guest-vm.
> are there any recommendet settings for KVM Hosts in cloudstack or KVM
> using with ceph rbd ?
> kind regards
> Ben