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RE: Unable to create iSCSI SR

Hello Dag.

I thought the same thing so I manually created a disk on the SR from XenCenter and it creates it without an issue as well as spin up a new VM on the same SR manually.


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Hi Marty,

My immediate suspicion is ACLs on your iSCSI LUN, it sounds to me like the hypervisors can mount the LUN, but not write to it.

Dag Sonstebo
Cloud Architect

On 03/08/2018, 07:25, "martygodsey@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <martygodsey@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    I am getting this error when I try to create primary SR with iSCSI
    "Unable to setup heartbeat sr on SR"
    HA has been disabled at the zone level and cluster level and is not enabled
    on the XCP-ng cluster either.
    Regardless of the way that I create the Primary, be it pre-setup or via
    iSCSI settings, I get this error and it will not create the primary. The
    hypervisors can mount the iSCSI LUN perfectly fine. In fact through the
    process of creating the primary storage, it "creates" the SR on the XCP-ng
    servers and mounts them, then I get this error.

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