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Re: Windows Server 2016 Templates for Cloudstack

Hi Simon,

With regards to hostname this should just be a question of setting your Windows template to pick up hostname from DHCP. 

Admin passwords – if the existing install doesn’t work you could look at a cloud-init derivative for Windows, looks like https://cloudbase.it/cloudbase-init/ may do the trick?

Dag Sonstebo
Cloud Architect

On 27/07/2018, 09:53, "simon.voelker@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" <simon.voelker@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    we are currently updating templates we provide to our customers. However, we are running into problems with Windows Server 2016 and the cloudstack functionality of setting an administrator password and a hostname. The CloudInstanceManager we used for older versions does not seem to work anymore. Does anybody know a successor to the Cloud Instance Manager or a workaround to make the functions work in Server 2016?
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