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Re: VPC virtual router will not start on reboot

Hi Dag

Sorry I am running 4.11.1 already.

I just created an isolated network with a VM on the same host (ID = 1) and it works fine so i'm not sure it's a host specific issue.

It seems to only come up with VRs for VPCs.

I'll keep digging :)

From: Dag Sonstebo <Dag.Sonstebo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: 23 July 2018 09:19
To: users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: VPC virtual router will not start on reboot

Hi Jon,

First of all I would advise you to upgrade to 4.11.1, it comes with a number of bug fixes.

Wrt the errors you are seeing they tend to be fairly clear – the KVM host with ID=1 in your DB is not checking in, or taking time checking in, and the management server can therefore not communicate with it. Check the startup of the agent works as expected, and also check the agent logs.

Dag Sonstebo
Cloud Architect

On 23/07/2018, 09:11, "Jon Marshall" <jms.123@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    Cloudstack 4.11.0 - KVM

    Created on VPC with 1 isolated network as test with 2 instances and it works as expected.  When doing a reboot of all nodes (compute and management) when it comes back up the virtual router will not start. This happens each time I reboot.

    I have gone through management server logs and it is not a resource issue as it reports CPU, memory etc. as okay.  It does report this -

    2018-07-23 08:37:09,931 ERROR [c.c.v.VmWorkJobHandlerProxy] (Work-Job-Executor-21:ctx-1c696ea5 job-821/job-822 ctx-bef3996c) (logid:a19d2179) Invocation exception, caused by: com.cloud.exception.AgentUnavailableException: Resource [Host:1] is unreachable: Host 1: Unable to start instance due to Unable to start  VM:390a0aad-9c13-4578-bbbf-4de1323b142e due to error in finalizeStart, not retrying

    checking the host table in the database that same host is running the 2 system VMs so not sure how it is unreachable ?

    Could someone offer any tips/pointers on how to troubleshoot this ?


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