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VPC virtual router will not start on reboot

Cloudstack 4.11.0 - KVM

Created on VPC with 1 isolated network as test with 2 instances and it works as expected.  When doing a reboot of all nodes (compute and management) when it comes back up the virtual router will not start. This happens each time I reboot.

I have gone through management server logs and it is not a resource issue as it reports CPU, memory etc. as okay.  It does report this -

2018-07-23 08:37:09,931 ERROR [c.c.v.VmWorkJobHandlerProxy] (Work-Job-Executor-21:ctx-1c696ea5 job-821/job-822 ctx-bef3996c) (logid:a19d2179) Invocation exception, caused by: com.cloud.exception.AgentUnavailableException: Resource [Host:1] is unreachable: Host 1: Unable to start instance due to Unable to start  VM:390a0aad-9c13-4578-bbbf-4de1323b142e due to error in finalizeStart, not retrying

checking the host table in the database that same host is running the 2 system VMs so not sure how it is unreachable ?

Could someone offer any tips/pointers on how to troubleshoot this ?