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Re: 4.11.0 -> 4.11.1 problem: Guest VMs losing connection after few minutes

that behaviour sound familiar from a couple of cases:
- an ip-address conflict.
- flakey hardware being one of
-+ if card in the host
-+ a router with bad firmware
- of course a strange cofiguration of the software router in you host might
be the issue as well

by all I know this happening after upgrade sounds like an unhappy incident
but can't be sure.
The iptables restart, was this on the VirtualRouter or on the host, or
maybe on the guest? and the restart network?

On Fri, Jul 20, 2018 at 7:43 AM, Jevgeni Zolotarjov <j.zolotarjov@xxxxxxxxx>

> I updated cloudstack 4.11.0 -> 4.11.1
> Everything went OK during update, but after host reboot guest VMs lost
> connection after few minutes of normal work.
> I tried restarting network - systemctl restart network.service
> then connection was restored again for few minutes
> Finally I could restore connection by restarting iptables - systemctl
> restart iptables.service
> But then again guest VMs lost connection after few minutes of normal
> operation.
> The time of normal operation can be 5 minutes, but sometimes up to 40
> minutes.
> Please help me to track the root cause and fix it
> Host OS - Centos 7.5
> virtualisation - KVM