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Re: Migrating workloads into CloudStack

Hi Mark,

I think there was a similar thread a few weeks back either on users@ or dev@. In short there is no mechanism for simply onboarding existing VMs in CloudStack yet.
So the official process is:
- Export existing VM to the respective hypervisor format (OVA, QCOW2, etc).
- Import as new template into CloudStack using the GUI or registerTemplate API: http://cloudstack.apache.org/api/apidocs-4.11/apis/registerTemplate.html
- Start new VM from this.

I believe there are a couple of people on the list who have managed to shoehorn existing running VMs into CloudStack – but this does take a lot of DB hacking to achieve.

Dag Sonstebo
Cloud Architect

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Mark I do not feel qualified to answer but nobody else does, so ... I don't know these tools. Can your send a pointert to the one you wish to use? I would expect the root admin priovilidges are required as you would have to create the proper offerings and networks for the VMs to be migated too. That might be overdone if you have all in place and only need to deployVm()s.

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On Thu, Jun 21, 2018 at 10:11 AM, Werner, Mark <Mark.Werner@xxxxxxxxxx<mailto:Mark.Werner@xxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

If  using one of the several popular migration/replication software tools available to migrate workloads into a CloudStack managed cloud infrastructure what CloudStack API commands does the migration/replication software tool require access to?

For example, if using a migration/replication software tool to migrate a VMware vCenter managed VM running on an ESXi hypervisor into a CloudStack managed cloud infrastructure, what CloudStack API commands would you (or the migration/replication software tool) require access to and what type or role, or what level of access, would you need?

Thank you,

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