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RE: Multi-DC Install: Install Tips?

Hi Donald, 

There is a lot of 'it depends' in the answers, so I'll try to stick with more general advice (hopefully nothing too controversial in here)...

Step 1 - think about all of your use cases and figure out which networking model fits best (basic vs advanced), this may also rule out some hypervisors.
Step 2 - decide on your hypervisor, again use cases, support requirements and budget will often steer you in a particular direction.
Step 3 - set up something small first, and try to fulfil most if not all of your use cases.
Iterate....  find the weird NIC driver doesn't like XZY or VPCs are required/not required after all, or that you need more/less NIC throughput than you thought  scenarios.
Then build out the first DC (Zone).  

Most likely (unless you're doing some fancy inter-dc networking) additional zones will be able to be added without too much pre-thought, as long as IP ranges don't clash.  So some thought about overall design is needed, but no need to boil the ocean.

Secondary storage size depends largely on how you/your clients are going to use volume snapshots and templates.

Kind regards,

Paul Angus

53 Chandos Place, Covent Garden, London  WC2N 4HSUK

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Have been reading through the documentation, have prepped quite a bit of hardware (2 full racks in each DC, 10G/40G uplinks), and have decided to take the plunge and setup Cloudstack on it.  It's destined to be a multi-data center install, but I think it would be best to start a DC at a time, obviously, unless there are considerations for this.

General setup is EX4200s, SRX240s, all local storage on hardware RAID-10 SSDs (except for a few high storage servers).  Some servers have mobo dual NICs (about half of these have quad NIC cards, tho), some have mobo quads, all have some type of remote management.

Have experience with virtualization long-term (vmWare/Proxmox/self-rolled KVM/LXC/Docker/Kubernetes), as well as the command line,

  * Any install tips?  Gotchas, or things to watch out for?
  * How much secondary storage is recommended per DC?
  * Would it be best to do a single location at a time, or to setup the
    management servers for all locations first and then proceed to build
    out each DC?
  * Any tips you have as a longer-term user?