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Ansible 2.6: CloudStack modules changelog

Hi CloudStack users

As you may know, automation and orchestration is a big topic and Ansible
is one of the key players in this area. The good coverage of CloudStack
functionality in Ansible is one of the big advantages and making
CloudStack even more attractive.

I am delighted to announce the release of Ansible 2.6. The changelog for
cloudstack related changes, Thanks for all the contributors!

Fixes (partly backported to 2.5):
- cs_sshkeypair: fix ssh key rename (René Moser)
- cs_user: fix return user_api_secret for ACS >=v4.10 (René Moser)
- cs_instance: fix py3 user_data base64 (René Moser)
- cloudstack: fix for list APIs return any matching names (David Passante)
- cloudstack: vpn: compatiblity fix for 4.5 API (René Moser)
- cs_instance: fix err state=destroyed querying user_data (Rene Moser)

- cs_instance: add host migration support (René Moser)
- cs_instance: add details support (Yoan Blanc)
- General: Paging support implemented in many modules (Peter Farmer)
- cs_ip_address: add "tags" param to ensure idempotency (David Passante)
- cs_instance: add new template filter all (René Moser)
- cs_vpc: implement state=started (René Moser)
- cs_instance_facts: add host return (René Moser)

New modules:

* cs_role_permission (David Passante)

Yours René

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