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Re: Doubt on LOCAL DISK requirement for installing CloudStack on ESXI 4.1 computing nodes.

Paul, thanks for your comment. We have only licenses for ESXI 4.1 since 5 years ago and a financial restriction to update them. I expect, we can install CloudStack on our current vCenter 4.1 platform. I mean, deploying the Management Server into a virtualized CentOS.7 and accessing 3 IBM Blades HS22 with ESXI 4.1 as hypervisor hosts.

Thanks! Manuel

PS. It is an academic  LabDataCenter for research and teaching and not directly for business production.

Cloudstack documentation actually reports:

Management Server, Database, and Storage System Requirements<http://docs.cloudstack.apache.org/projects/cloudstack-installation/en/4.11/overview/index.html#contents>


The machines that will run the Management Server and MySQL database must meet the following requirements ...

  *   4 GB of memory
  *   250 GB of local disk (more results in better capability; 500 GB recommended)

but the Storage configuration for the Primary one is:

Primary Storage<http://docs.cloudstack.apache.org/projects/cloudstack-installation/en/4.11/storage_setup.html#primary-storage>

CloudStack is designed to work with a wide variety of commodity and enterprise-rated storage systems. CloudStack can also leverage the local disks within the hypervisor hosts if supported by the selected hypervisor. Storage type support for guest virtual disks differs based on hypervisor selection.

Storage Type    XenServer       vSphere KVM
NFS     Supported       Supported       Supported
iSCSI   Supported       Supported via VMFS      Supported via Clustered Filesystems
Fiber Channel   Supported via Pre-existing SR   Supported       Supported via Clustered Filesystems
Local Disk      Supported       Supported       Supported
Regarding ESXI 4.1, it is reported:

If you want to use the VMware vSphere hypervisor to run guest virtual machines, install vSphere on the host(s) in your cloud.

System Requirements for vSphere Hosts - Software requirements:

  *   vSphere and vCenter, versions 4.1, 5.0, 5.1 or 5.5.

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Subject: RE: Doubt on LOCAL DISK requirement for installing CloudStack on ESXI 4.1 computing nodes.

Hi Jose,

CloudStack doesn't work at a low enough level to be bothered about how the hosts or management get their 'local' storage. As long as the hypervisor or management server run normally.
ESXi 4.1 is extremely old though, and I can imagine that you may have a number of compatibility issues using it with CloudStack.

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Subject: Doubt on LOCAL DISK requirement for installing CloudStack on ESXI 4.1 computing nodes.

We are planning to transform our small academic LabDataCenter (IBM Bladecenter S, with 3 HS22 servers and ESXI 4.1 hypervisor without DAS (they boot from a FC connected IBM DS3400 RAID unit) to a CloudStack service. It because, we will augment the memory and HD capacities. Well, our doubt is that the official requirements for MANAGEMENT and HYPERVISOR nodes demand 250 and 36 GB in LOCAL DISKS but we boot the Blade servers from the FC connected RAID unit. Can it (to enable HYPERVISOR nodes without local disks) be possible? Thanks for comments!