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Re: Basic networking setup

So everything on one subnet/vlan except guest traffic which has it's own.

Man thanks for that.

From: Ivan Kudryavtsev <kudryavtsev_ia@xxxxxxxxx>
Sent: 29 May 2018 10:49
To: users
Subject: Re: Basic networking setup

Hello, Jon,

Basically following schema is used for a basic zone:
1. system VMs and hardware servers (heads, secondary storages, hypervisors)
use a fake net like (I also do NAT all those nodes thru heads
to avoid public IPs, or separate security appliance can be used);
2. guest network - separate CIDR used;

I still think that the sentence you cite is correct. Every pod has
dedicated CIDR (pt2) which assigned to guest VMs, the same stuff (actually)
is true for management, but this is another CIDR (pt1).

Some people also suggest using a separate network for storage, but I don't
see advantages for small and medium deployments.


2018-05-29 16:12 GMT+07:00 Jon Marshall <jms.123@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> From the 4.11 documentation -
> "When basic networking is used, CloudStack will assign IP addresses in the
> CIDR of the pod to the guests in that pod. The administrator must add a
> Direct IP range on the pod for this purpose. These IPs are in the same VLAN
> as the hosts."
> It may be the way it is written but the above suggests that the IP subnet
> used for guest VM traffic is the same IP subnet used for the actual hosts
> themselves.
> But in the same documentation it says it recommends the use of separate
> NICs for management and guest traffic.
> I have setup CS using separate subnets for management, Guest VMs and
> storage so 3 separate NICs each in a different vlan using a different IP
> subnet. (the NICs are not vlan aware, just connecting to ports in different
> vlans on the switch).
> Should I be using just the one IP subnet for all NICs and simply
> connecting them all to the same bridge instead ?
> Jon

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