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Re: 4.11 without Host-HA framework

Hi Jon,

Yes, Host-HA is different from VM-HA and without Host HA enabled a HA enabled VM should be recovered/run on a different host when it crashes. Historically the term 'HA' in CloudStack is used around high availability of a VM.

Host HA as the name tries to imply is around HA of a physical hypervisor host by means of out-of-band management technologies such as ipmi and currently supporting ipmi as OOBM and KVM hosts with NFS storage.

- Rohit


From: Jon Marshall <jms.123@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: 4.11 without Host-HA framework

I keep seeing conflicting information about this in the mailing lists and in blogs etc.

If I run 4.11 without enabling Host HA framework should HA still work if I crash a compute node because my understanding was the new framework was added for certain cases only.

It doesn't work for me but I can find a number of people saying you don't need to enable the new framework for it to work.



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