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AW: Problems with SnapShot ACS+Xen

Hi Felipe,


As far as I can see these are volume snapshots, right? You need to check if the snapshots on XenServer are part of a chain. Are you familiar with vhd-util in XenServer cli?

What is your value of snapshot.delta.max in global settings?


Cu Swen


Von: Felipe Rossi [mailto:felipe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Gesendet: Montag, 14. Mai 2018 16:41
An: users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Betreff: Problems with SnapShot ACS+Xen


Hi Team,


We have one situation on CloudStack and Xen with Snapshot, see print attached, 

we have many snapshot showing on XenServer but on ACS this snapshot not exist


I can delete manual via Xen this snapshots ?? what happen for generate all this snaphost

without register on ACS ?



Att / Regards