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RE: KVM in Xenserver advanced networking environement

Hi Benjamin,

We were in the same stuation few month ago ;)

You have to create team/bond and attach cloud bridge to them.
You have to name cloud bridge like : cloubr0, cloudbr1, cloudbrX

For example for the management, (im using team instead of bond) :
Create a team  named teamMGMT 
Create  a bridge named cloudbr0
Link teamMGMT with cloudbr0  (command "brctl show" is useful)
Create a vlan with ID 133 
Create a bridge named cloudbr0.133
Link vlan id 133 to cloudbr0.133

For guest network, juste create a trunk  and link it to a cloud bridge named "cloudbr1". You will need to put the vlan range during the zone configuration.

i advise to create the network config manually and avoid to use Network Manager.
Tell me if you need more detail or config files.

Best regards,

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Objet : KVM in Xenserver advanced networking environement

Hi together,

currently we have a cloudstack 4.10 environment with Xenserver and the following network configuration:

Physical (Bond) Interfaces:

1 management -> untagged vlan for management / tagged vlan 133 for secondary storage.
2 guest -> tagged vlans 2000-2699
3 public -> tagged vlans 200-250
4 ISCSI -> untagged

I am now on eval for using KVM in this environment.
I am also new to KVM.
My question is how do i have to setup the cloud bridges for using this network layout on KVM. And How do i have to name the cloudbridges in KVM ?

Kind regards Ben