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Re: Issue upgrading 4.9 to 4.11 Database?

We will need more log entries. However, this is looking like a DB version

On Fri, May 4, 2018 at 10:49 AM, Adam Witwicki <awitwicki@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Hello,
> The management service won't start after update, I get this in the log
> Failed startup of context o.e.j.w.WebAppContext@4148db48
> {/client,file:///usr/share/cloudstack-management/webapp/,
> UNAVAILABLE}{/usr/share/cloudstack-management/webapp}
> org.springframework.context.ApplicationContextException: Failed to start
> bean 'cloudStackLifeCycle'; nested exception is com.cloud.utils.exception.CloudRuntimeException:
> DB Exception on: com.mysql.jdbc.JDBC4PreparedStatement@ed1d2cf: SELECT
> network_offerings.id, network_offerings.name,
> network_offerings.unique_name, network_offerings.display_text,
> network_offerings.nw_rate, network_offerings.mc_rate,
> network_offerings.traffic_type, network_offerings.specify_vlan,
> network_offerings.system_only, network_offerings.service_offering_id,
> network_offerings.tags, network_offerings.default, network_offerings.availability,
> network_offerings.state, network_offerings.removed,
> network_offerings.created, network_offerings.guest_type,
> network_offerings.dedicated_lb_service, network_offerings.shared_source_nat_service,
> network_offerings.specify_ip_ranges, network_offerings.sort_key,
> network_offerings.uuid, network_offerings.redundant_router_service,
> network_offerings.conserve_mode, network_offerings.elastic_ip_service,
> network_offerings.eip_associate_public_ip, network_offerings.elastic_lb_service,
> network_offerings.inline, network_offerings.is_persistent,
> network_offerings.for_vpc, network_offerings.egress_default_policy,
> network_offerings.concurrent_connections, network_offerings.keep_alive_enabled,
> network_offerings.supports_streched_l2, network_offerings.supports_public_access,
> network_offerings.internal_lb, network_offerings.public_lb,
> network_offerings.service_package_id FROM network_offerings WHERE
> network_offerings.unique_name = _binary'QuickCloudNoServices'  AND
> network_offerings.removed IS NULL  ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 1
> Thanks
> Adam
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Rafael Weingärtner