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RE: QEMU dirty-bitmap

Hi Simon, 

Thank you for your feedback.
I'll continue working on this.

In a more general perspective, this topic is related to backup process integrated into CS.
I remember an old thread (including @Paul I think) mentioning work on a backup API to give third part companies' ability to include CS in their supported environments.
Even if this approach sounds the easiest for us, as service provider (ie buy a licence, make 2 clicks, and let the proprietary tool make the job), I am not sure this is the best long term strategy, and so far, none of them support KVM.

Is there any interest of the community to integrate a backup solution inside CS ? 
For us, the key features would be :
- Add backup menu entry for admins
- Create backup tasks inside CS, including destinations (nfs) and sources (host, pool, zone)
- Support full, incremental, and forever incremental backups
- Ability to restore instances directly to CS
- If dirty-bitmaps work fine, include the move of the bitmap when moving instance to a different host
- Support at least Xen and KVM

Right now, I think most of us use their own pieces of code.
Merging them into a proper feature would be a nice move.

We could also talk with the excellent XenOrchestra project (we use it for our Xen Pools) and offer assistance to support KVM and other hypervisor, but I am not sure this is their strategy, and with xenserver-ng, they might be quite busy.

Any opinion ?



Grégoire Lamodière
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That looks pretty interesting. I'll read up on it. We've been more focused lately on working on Ceph replication, but this would be a nice way to handle it in a storage agnostic way.

- Si

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Subject: QEMU dirty-bitmap

Dear List,

Has anyone tried the dirty-bitmap solution to provide incremental backups on KVM/QEMU based CS clusters ?
The solution sounds pretty nice, but instance migration scenarios need additional task to copy the bitmaps.

Should we dig this subject and share, or is there any existing work on incremental backup for CS / KVM (using qemu bitmaps or any other feature), that we might join ?



Grégoire Lamodière
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