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[ASK][PARTICIPATE] Test new cloudmonkey v6.0.0-alpha1


The go-based port is functionally complete! I would like to invite interested users to help test it.

You can build yourself the binaries from here:


Alternatively, you can test using pre-built binaries from here:


Please report issues here:

You can use the tool in an environment will (python based) cloudmonkey installed. The new port will make directories and store config at ~/.cmk/. The tool is assumed to be drop-in replacement, most of the old doc is still applicable:

Known issues and limitations:
- No in-built API cache, run sync on first run.
- Only json output supported now, without any filtering.
- Parameter completion with single tab may not show/display properly sometimes.
- API parameter completion causes a new network request every time, no caching is done.
- Windows port (exe) will fail unicode printing and parameter completion
- Command line flags are not implemented

Removed features:
- shell execution using shell keyword or !<cmd>
- api keyword based raw API execution
- Several set options removed, defaults to be used

Things to be done on roadmap:
- Add support for csv, table, text and xml output, with filtering support.
- Add parameter completion caching
- Add history support and execution
- Add command line flags support
- Refactor and add tests, dockerfile
- Update README and docs

- Rohit


53 Chandos Place, Covent Garden, London  WC2N 4HSUK