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Re: ssvm NFS public ip

There is a global setting you have to set to use internal non public IP.

Try setting sec.storage.allow.internal.site to an internal network cidr.

You may need to destroy ssvm for settings to take effect. In my case there
is some sort of minor bug where it takes upward of 5 minutes for ssvm to
program the internal routes, but since this is onetime operation - I just
live with it.

On Wed, Apr 11, 2018 at 10:50 AM Nicolas Bouige <n.bouige@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> a small update about my problem.
> I 've recreated the zone from scratch this morning and  one of my
> "cloudbr" used for the secondary storage was misconfigured.
> So Now, I can ping the secondary storage from KVM host, CS-MGMT,  SSVM and
> mount the nfs on them...but...the agent still not going up and the
> ssvm_check.sh give me an ip public for the nfs instead of the private.
> i got only this error in /var/log:cloud.log :
> 17:30:22,600 ERROR AgentShell:477 - Unable to start agent: Resource class
> not found: com.cloud.storage.resource.PremiumSecondaryStorageResource due
> to: java.lan                            g.ClassNotFoundException:
> com.cloud.storage.resource.PremiumSecondaryStorageReso
>       urce
> Unable to start agent: Resource class not found:
> com.cloud.storage.resource.Prem
> iumSecondaryStorageResource due to: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:
> com.cloud.
> storage.resource.PremiumSecondaryStorageResource
> i've tried to update a differente systemvm template with no success...
> I 've compared the configuration of the ssvm with one of our deployment
> and i juste noticed the "resource"
> (org.apache.cloudstack.storage.resource.NfsSecondaryResource) was not the
> same.
> i changed it but still the same error...
> There is a way to find java binaries/script and  upload them on the ssvm ?
> If one of you have an idea, it would be appreciate.
> Thanks !
> Best regards,
> N.B