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RE: ssvm NFS public ip

a small update about my problem.

I 've recreated the zone from scratch this morning and  one of my "cloudbr" used for the secondary storage was misconfigured.

So Now, I can ping the secondary storage from KVM host, CS-MGMT,  SSVM and mount the nfs on them...but...the agent still not going up and the ssvm_check.sh give me an ip public for the nfs instead of the private.

i got only this error in /var/log:cloud.log :

17:30:22,600 ERROR AgentShell:477 - Unable to start agent: Resource class not found: com.cloud.storage.resource.PremiumSecondaryStorageResource due to: java.lan                            g.ClassNotFoundException: com.cloud.storage.resource.PremiumSecondaryStorageReso                            urce
Unable to start agent: Resource class not found: com.cloud.storage.resource.Prem                            iumSecondaryStorageResource due to: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.cloud.                            storage.resource.PremiumSecondaryStorageResource

i've tried to update a differente systemvm template with no success...
I 've compared the configuration of the ssvm with one of our deployment and i juste noticed the "resource" (org.apache.cloudstack.storage.resource.NfsSecondaryResource) was not the same.
i changed it but still the same error...

There is a way to find java binaries/script and  upload them on the ssvm ?

If one of you have an idea, it would be appreciate.

Thanks !

Best regards,