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Can someone reproduce issue on adding NIC to VM on network created through web-UI after upgrade to 4.11?

Hi all,

on one of our two CloudStack instances we have an issue adding NICs to
VMs after upgrading to On another instance the problem does
not occur after upgrade.

Before posting an issue on GitHub I would like to know if someone else
can reproduce the following problem:

Our setup: Advanced Networking, Cloudstack on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS,
MySQL 5.5.59-0ubuntu0.14.04.1

Steps to reproduce issue:

  x Create a new isolated network
  x Wait until network is "implemented"
  x Add NIC on this new network to a VM

=> Textbox: Insufficient capacity when adding NIC to VM[User|i-<id>-VM]:
com.cloud.exception.InsufficientAddressCapacityException: Insufficient
address capacityScope=interface com.cloud.dc.DataCenter; id=1
=> No new NIC is added to the VM

For a network created with a CloudMonkey command like the following NICs
can be added to VMs:

create network displaytext=deleteme-cloudmonkey
name=deleteme-cloudmonkey networkofferingid=<id> zoneid=<id>
projectid=<id> gateway= netmask=




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