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Re: Egress rules not applied in 4.11.0


Am 10.04.18 um 11:09 schrieb Stephan Seitz:

I think your facing a bug already discussed here. After reloading (imho doesn't matter if you check "clean up") the network, the egress rules are applied.
So just reload every net with egress rules :)
IIRC I tried that several times with no success... But after I tried it again just now (to be sure), restarting the network hangs.

Looking in the cloud.log on the VR, it is quite short, with a line "Configuring systemvm type=" (nothing after the =).

That's obviously wrong, isn't it?

AFAIR a fresh systemvm gets its config via an iso image and via network.

systemvm.iso is in place on the XenServer, but the VM has no IP adress at all (not even a link-local one).
/usr/local/cloud is empty, so the ISO was never deployed...

Where could I look?
Oh and don't know if that made it already to https://github.com/apache/cloudstack/issues so if you would be so kind to open an issue?
I better wait until I am sure it was not my fault ;)