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Re: Ansible 2.7: CloudStack related changes and future

...and thanks for all the fish... and for the kind words, and a special
thank to Exoscale for their continuous support.

It has been a great time, with many opportunities I was able to master.
I have followed the vision to make CloudStack a thing in Ansible.

However, the reason I started the development was to make my daily job
easier. I makes me incredibly happy to see that it has gone way beyond
this goal, CloudStack has become a better solution to users and to your

Even it was a hobby, I took it seriously to develop things the best I
could and to set a commitment to improve constantly when I have learned
better. To be there and work on it. To be honest, my life was not always
balanced during the last 3 years.

To leave my job also means to leave CloudStack, the community and my
work behind makes me still a bit sad and it took a while to take this
step, but it makes room for new challenges to solve.

The future is bright.