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[DISCUSS] Increase default RAM for virtual routers to 512MB?


With 4.11, we migrated to a 64-bit Debian 9 based systemvmtemplate. Debian 9 (amd64)'s recommended RAM requirement is 512 MB [1], while the default system offering for VRs is set to 256MB RAM and 1 CPU/core. For most environments, especially those in KVM and XenServer this does not present any issue however on VMware in a particular setup swapping was seen (due to low memory).

It is recommended for CloudStack users to benchmark their usage of VRs and change the default system offering for routers to suitable spec (for example, for high throughput VRs can have 1-4 multiple cores and maybe 1-4GBs of RAM).

We can incorporate these notes in the official documentation, the open item to discuss is -- should we change the default (minimum) to 512MB RAM as well for virtual routers?


[1] https://www.debian.org/releases/stable/amd64/ch03s04.html.en

- Rohit


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