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Re: Broken volume migration logic?

What you described seems to be the new feature introduced with
https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/CLOUDSTACK-10323 and
https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/CLOUDSTACK-10240. However, this
feature should have been introduced only in master (4.12). I was not able
to find those commits in though. Maybe ACS was already allowing
the movement between shared storages with different tags?. Anyways, the
block of code used to do this process has been totally re-written (now
everything is unit-tested). It is only in 4.12 though… It will also allow
placement overridden (ignoring storage tags and storage types), and also it
will allow replacing the disk offering while migrating the disk to a
new/different storage system.

To answer your questions.

> My question is how did the vm start? Did cloudstack ignore the storage
> tags or is there another reason?
Once the volume is already placed somewhere, CloudStack any extra checking
(if it can use the volume as is). Therefore, it only moves on with the
normal VM start.

On Thu, Oct 11, 2018 at 8:46 AM Andrei Mikhailovsky
<andrei@xxxxxxxxxx.invalid> wrote:

> Hello,
> I have recently tried to migrate a volume from one rbd storage pool to
> another. Have noticed a possible issue with the migration logic, which I
> was hoping to discuss with you.
> My setup: ACS
> Ceph + rbd for two primary storage pools (hdd and ssd pools)
> Storage tags are used together with the Disk Offerings (rbd tag is used
> for hdd backend volumes and rbd-ssd tag is used for the ssd backend
> volumes)
> What I tried to do: Move a single volume from hdd pool over to the ssd
> pool. Migration went well according to the cloudstack job result. I ended
> up with a volume on the ssd storage pool.
> After the migration was done, I had a look at the disk service offering of
> the migrated volume and the service offering was still the hdd service
> offering despite the volume now being stored on the ssd pool. I have tried
> to change the disk offering to the ssd pool and had an error saying that
> the storage tags must be the same. Obviously, in my case, the storage tags
> of the hdd and ssd pool offerings are different. I have checked the
> database and indeed, the db still has the hdd disk offering id.
> I have tried to start the vm and to my surprise the vm has started. From
> my previous experience and my understanding how the tags work with storage,
> the vm should not have started. The disk offering tag of the migrated
> volume points to the hdd storage where this volume doesn't exist. So,
> starting the vm should have errors out with an error like Insufficient
> resources or something like that.
> So, I have a bit of an inconsistency going on with that volume. According
> to the cloudstack gui, the volume is stored on the ssd pool but has a disk
> offering from the hdd pool and there is no way to change that from the gui
> itself.
> My question is how did the vm start? Did cloudstack ignore the storage
> tags or is there another reason?
> Thanks

Rafael Weingärtner