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Ansible 2.7: CloudStack related changes and future

Hi all

First, please note I am leaving my current job by the end of November
and I don't see that CloudStack will play any role in my professional

As a result, I official announce the end of my maintenance for the
Ansible CloudStack modules with the release of Ansible v2.8.0 in spring

If anyone is interested to take over, please let me know so I can
officially introduce him/her to the Ansible community.

Thanks for all the support and joy I have had with CloudStack and the

Ansible v2.7.0 is released with the following, CloudStack related changes:

David Passante (1):
      cloudstack: new module cs_disk_offering (#41795)

Rene Moser (4):
      cs_firewall: fix idempotence and tests for cloudstack v4.11 (#42458)
      cs_vpc: fix disabled or wrong vpc offering taken (#42465)
      cs_pod: workaround for 4.11 API break (#43944)
      cs_template: implement update and revamp (#37015)

Yoan Blanc (1):
      cs instance root_disk size update resizes the root volume (#43817)

nishiokay (2):
      [cloudstack] fix cs_host example (#42419)
      Update cs_storage_pool.py (#42454)

Best wishes