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Re: Wrong tags pushed to Github

Thanks for sharing Khosrow, I've removed them now.

- Rohit


From: Khosrow Moossavi <kmoossavi@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Friday, October 5, 2018 12:13:08 AM
To: dev
Subject: Wrong tags pushed to Github

Hi Dev

Today I noticed bunch of tags have been pushed upstream which I believe
this wasn't intended.

 * [new tag]               4.11.2-snap        -> 4.11.2-snap
 * [new tag]               4.6.2-rc1          -> 4.6.2-rc1
 * [new tag]               4.7.0-rc1          -> 4.7.0-rc1
 * [new tag]             ->
 * [new tag]               shapeblue-4.3.2-01 -> shapeblue-4.3.2-01
 * [new tag]               shapeblue-4.4.4-00 -> shapeblue-4.4.4-00
 * [new tag]               shapeblue-4.5.1-00 -> shapeblue-4.5.1-00
 * [new tag]               shapeblue-4.5.2-00 -> shapeblue-4.5.2-00
 * [new tag]               shapeblue-4.6.0-00 -> shapeblue-4.6.0-00
 * [new tag]               shapeblue-4.6.1-00 -> shapeblue-4.6.1-00


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