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Re: Montréal Hackathon


I've got a PR in for the KVM HyperV Enlightenment feature against master. It looks like Jenkins is broken right now,  so might need someone to kick it.

- Si

From: Tutkowski, Mike <Mike.Tutkowski@xxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Monday, October 1, 2018 1:28 PM
To: dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Montréal Hackathon

Hi everyone,

I wanted to send out an e-mail about the hackathon that we held in Montréal this past Wednesday (after the two days of the CloudStack Collaboration Conference that took place on Monday and Tuesday).

We spent the first 1.5 hours discussing issues we’d like to see addressed and/or new features we might be considering. I’ve provided the current list at the bottom of this message.

In particular, one item of note is that people seemed interested in quarterly remote meetups. The intent of such meetups would be to sync with each other on what we’re working on so as to not duplicate effort. We may also have people present a bit about a recent feature or item of interest (similar to what we do at conferences). In addition, these meetups could provide a nice checkpoint to see how we are doing with regards to the items listed below.

Please take a moment, scan through the list, ask questions, and/or send out additional areas that you feel the CloudStack Community should be focusing on.

If you were present at the hackathon, feel free to update us on what progress you might have made at the hackathon with regards to any topic below.


Hyper-V enlightenment

Version 5.x of CloudStack

KVM IO bursting

Live VM Migration

RPC Standard interface to VR

Getting INFO easily out of the SSVM

Deprecate old code (OVM?)

CloudMonkey testing


CentOS SIG + packaging

VR Programming Optimization

New UI working with API Discovery

Network Models refactoring + designer UI

Marketing Plan

Video series for CloudStack (ex. developers series, users series)

Use GitHub to document aspects of CloudStack (how to build an environment, how to start writing code for it, etc.)

Figure out a process for how we'd like issues to be opened, assigned, closed, and resolved (using JIRA and GitHub Issues)

Create a true REST API (it can use the existing API behind the scenes).

Logic to generate code in particular use cases so you can focus mainly on your business logic.

Use standard libraries that implement JPA, HTTP, etc.

Remote Meetups every quarter

Support IPv6