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[ CloudStack-UI ] Release 1.411.21 Overview

On September 27, 2018, we released Cloudstack-UI 1.411.21. During the past
sprint, the project team concentrated on bug fixing and extensive code
refactoring that enhanced the general system operating. In the course of a
long iteration that lasted 6 months since March 2018, the team completed
over 130 issues on bug fixing and the improvement of particular system
parts. Below you will find the details on the progress results.

The team solved over 100 bug issues during the iteration. Most fixes
concerned the following:

   - System configurations
   - Main navigation bar
   - Images
   - Security groups (Firewall rules)
   - Accounts
   - Notifications of the latest operations
   - Tags


During the past sprint, the team worked intensely on the refactoring of the
old code in accordance with the approved architecture design.

Most enhancements were implemented for the following components:

   - System configurations,
   - UI settings: notification messages for users, field validation in some
   creation/editing forms.

4.11 support

In this release, we moved to Apache Cloudstack 4.11.

Angular with dependencies is updated to version 6. The enhancements
implemented in the new version allows the system to work faster and
Deployment instructions

The release can be found at GitHub releases:

Prepared Docker image is available at DockerHub:

You can pull it with:

# docker pull bwsw/cloudstack-ui:1.411.21

The project changelog is here:

Deployment guide and project info can be found at GitHub pages:
1.411.22 expectations

The next release is expected to include the following features and updates:

   1. е2е testing integration into the development process to improve the
   regression testing efficiency and general system operating.
   2. VM creation enhancements
   3. Updates in the Access VM section
   4. Main navigation bar updates
   5. Support for selecting multi affinity groups for a VM


Dear community member, we will be thankful if you

   - Try the project and provide us with a feedback;
   - Share the information about the project and the release in social
   - Mark the GitHub repository <https://github.com/bwsw/cloudstack-ui> with
   a star to support the project;
   - Join the LinkedIn group <https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13540203>.

With best regards, Ivan Kudryavtsev
Bitworks LLC
Cell: +7-923-414-1515
WWW: http://bitworks.software/ <http://bw-sw.com/>