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Re: Jenkins jobs

Paul, the apache jobs get cleaned up quite fast, so the 404 is probably
just the job output that isn't found. Look at
https://builds.apache.org/job/cloudstack-pr-analysis/ to see if there are
jobs with more output. The definitions is such that at most 5 jobs are kept
for at most 14 days.

On Sun, Sep 23, 2018 at 3:38 PM Paul Angus <paul.angus@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hey Guys,
> A few recent PRs are showing Jenkins errors, but if I go to look why I get
> a server error:
> https://builds.apache.org/job/cloudstack-pr-analysis/7633/ ->
> HTTP Status 404 - Not Found
> is there anything we can do or should I notify Infra?
> paul.angus@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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