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CloudStack Collab in Brazil

Hello fellow devs and users (pardon me for the cross post),

I already contacted the PMC on this matter, and I am now opening the
discussion to the whole community. Let’s see what you guys think about a
CloudStack conference in Brazil, and let’s work to make it happen ;)

Since the rather shameful? situation with the CloudStack Collab Conference
(CCC) in Brazil last year, I have been looking for possible ways to enable
the event. And, it seems that I found it, and it is something that we are
already used to do.

There is a conference series in Brazil called TDC (The Developer’s
conference) [1]. They run three conferences a year (Florianopolis, São
Paulo, and  Porto Alegre). They have been running for over a decade now. I
attended the last one in São Paulo (July 2018) and it was awesome. To give
you guys some numbers for the São Paulo event:

   - 4524 attendants
   - 6040 online-viewers (some talks are live streamed)
   - 2927 corporate registrations
   - 63 different tracks, and more than 300 talks.
   - 5 days of conference (Tuesday-Saturday)

They are in the process of internationalizing the conference now. The hot
site is being translated, and they are preparing things for English/Spanish
CFPs and tracks. While talking with one of the organizers during the event,
I mentioned that we have been doing collocated CCC with ApacheCon and that
I would love to see CCC in Brazil. Ant it turns out, they would love to see
us there in Brazil as well. They offered to provide the same support as
ApacheCon provides us.  We would only need to organize the CFP and
selection of the presentations. We would also need to tell them our needs:
rooms, hackathon spaces, and so on. They are proposing for us space in
their Florianopolis TDC 2019, which will be held in Florianopolis city. The
event will take place in April 2019 (there is not a possibility for the
event to be canceled this time!).

I can coordinate this process with them, but I might need some help from
you guys. That is why I would like to discuss this option here first.  What
do you think about the best dates to run a CCC in Brazil? They have an
event in April, other in Jully, and the last one in December. In theory, we
can discuss and try to get approval to some other city/date, but they
recommended Florianopolis/April event. (We talked about this on the PMC
list, and it seems that for an international audience, the April date looks
the best one).

Also, would some of you be willing to attend? I think the presence of
committers/PMCs is vital to meet face to face with the community that uses
CloudStack there. And of course, the event is way broader than Apache and
CloudStack. Therefore, we can show ourselves and hopefully attract new

I am eager to hear your feedback guys ;)

[1] http://www.thedevelopersconference.com.br/en

Rafael Weingärtner