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Re: VRs swapping with 256 MB RAM

Hi Rene,

I've come across issues where vmware side would provision less than 256MB RAM to the guest OS while vCenter would still claim to have reserved/allocated 256MB RAM. I've seen this happen few cases, which is why for 4.11+ VRs on vmware the guest os type selected is 'other linux 64'. Reference:


Can you share what RAM allocation you see from vCenter side and inside of the VR by sharing the 'free -m' output from the VR?

While one can always increase the cpu/memory limits for default system offerings, the default of 256MB RAM should ideally work (at least works on kvm, xenserver). If we can conclude this behaviour, we can consider increasing the default VR RAM by 64 or 128MB, i.e. to 320 or 384 MB by default.

- Rohit


From: Rene Moser <mail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2018 9:26:05 PM
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Subject: VRs swapping with 256 MB RAM


While running test for a 4.11.1 (VMware) upgrade in our lab, we run into
low memory / swapping of VRs having 256 MB RAM. After 2-3 days it became
critical because the management server connections to VRs took very
long, minutes, this resulted in many more problems all over.

Make sure your VRs have enough RAM.


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