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Apache CloudStack Generic Key-Value and Communication Plug-in

Hello, community.

We glad to announce a new Open Source plug-in for Apache CloudStack which
helps to maintain generic key-value storages. There are three types are
supported right now:

- temporary KV with TTL (many per account);
- persistent KV bound to VM (one per VM);
- persistent KV bound to account (many per account).

KV storages support a commit-log based approach where old values are not
erased with new ones and it provides the access to the last key/values and
to the history which helps to maintain things like quorums and other
operations which require serialized access.

The plugin uses Elasticsearch. I

If you are interested to know more, contact our website for the full
announcement and download details:

All questions, improvements and considerations are welcome!

With best regards, Ivan Kudryavtsev
Bitworks LLC
Cell: +7-923-414-1515
WWW: http://bitworks.software/ <http://bw-sw.com/>