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Re: Using TLD as hostname for VMs

Hey, Fariborz. It doesn't work like that because VR supports the zone,
specified for the network where NIC is allocated. To handle the case, you
should use external DNS.

Take a look at our plugin:

To get the solution for domain zone, specified for account or ACS domain.

пт, 14 сент. 2018 г., 21:53 Fariborz Navidan <mdvlinquest@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Hello folks.
> When I use API to create virtual machines via API I'm unable to use '
> example.com' or 'server.example.com' for 'name' parameter to call
> deployVirtualMachine API call. I need to replace dots with hyphens then
> this wrong hostname will be recognized by dhcp client and set on VM. How do
> I set real hostname on on VMs?
> Thanks