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[DISCUSS] deployment planner improvement


I'm working with a University in Montreal and we are looking at working
together to improve the deployment planner. Mainly for post VM.CREATE tasks.
Because  what we observed with cloudstack, in our case with XenServer,
overtime, a cluster will become unbalanced in therm of workload, vm HA will
move VMs all over the the cluster which cause hotspot inside a cluster.
Also, when performing maintenance  xenmotion of VM spread them in the
cluster but does not consider host usage and at the end of a maintenance it
require manual operation to repopulate VMs on the last host updated.  OS
preference not taken into account  except for VM.CREATE.

I'd like to work on improving VMs dispersion during and post outage and
maintenances. when a cluster resources are added or removed.

Would you have any more requirement, we will document a feature spec in the
wiki which I believe it's still a requirement ?

Does using KVM have similar issues over time?

I don't think it would make sense to cloudstack to automatically take
decision on moving VMs but for now create report of recommended action to
do and provide steps to do them. tbd.