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Re: CloudStack DNS names to PowerDNS export

Hello, Community.

Several days ago I wrote about small service that automatically creates
service domain names for CloudStack VMs created. Just would like to publish
small updates which may be interesting to you.

1. The code was updated to use mysql.connector instead for MySqlDb (thanks
to Wido Den Hollander)

2. I have implemented domains support defined for CloudStack accounts,
before - only domain-level DNS suffixes were supported, so, now every
account can have separate DNS zone if it's defined.

3. I have implemented group-based domain names. They may be very beneficial
to those, who create fault-tolerant scalable services with CDNs like
CloudFlare. Now, all VMs created in a single CloudStack group are placed
into a single "group-based" FQDN, so DNS can return multiple A/AAAA records
for a single name. Using this FQDN as CNAME in CloudFlare enables automatic
failover, scalability support without efforts. Just create new VM in the
same group e.g. www and it just works. Want scale down, remove excessive

Find more details in Project's README.md

Project Github: https://github.com/bwsw/cs-powerdns-integration

Best wishes, Ivan

2018-08-24 1:42 GMT+07:00 Wido den Hollander <wido@xxxxxxxxx>:

> On 08/21/2018 07:45 AM, Ivan Kudryavtsev wrote:
> > Hello, users, devs.
> >
> > We developed a small service for the creation of DNS records (A, AAAA,
> PTR)
> > in the PowerDNS and published it in the GitHub:
> >
> > https://github.com/bwsw/cs-powerdns-integration
> >
> That seems very nice. Very nicely done. I like PowerDNS :-)
> Wido
> > Licensed under Apache 2 License.
> >
> > *Rationale*
> >
> > CloudStack VR maintains DNS A records for VMs but since VR is an
> ephemeral
> > entity which can be removed and recreated, which IP addresses can be
> > changed, it's inconvenient to use it for zone delegation. Also, it's
> > difficult to pair second DNS server with it as it requires VR hacking.
> So,
> > to overcome those difficulties and provide external users with FQDN
> access
> > to VMs we implemented the solution.
> >
> >

With best regards, Ivan Kudryavtsev
Bitworks LLC
Cell: +7-923-414-1515
WWW: http://bitworks.software/ <http://bw-sw.com/>