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CloudStack DNS names to PowerDNS export

Hello, users, devs.

We developed a small service for the creation of DNS records (A, AAAA, PTR)
in the PowerDNS and published it in the GitHub:


Licensed under Apache 2 License.


CloudStack VR maintains DNS A records for VMs but since VR is an ephemeral
entity which can be removed and recreated, which IP addresses can be
changed, it's inconvenient to use it for zone delegation. Also, it's
difficult to pair second DNS server with it as it requires VR hacking. So,
to overcome those difficulties and provide external users with FQDN access
to VMs we implemented the solution.

With best regards, Ivan Kudryavtsev
Bitworks LLC
Cell: +7-923-414-1515
WWW: http://bitworks.software/ <http://bw-sw.com/>