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Re: Problem with CLOUDSTACK-10240 (Cannot migrate local volume to shared storage)

For a bit of info on what managed storage is, please take a look at this document:


The short answer is that you can have zone-wide managed storage (for XenServer, VMware, and KVM). However, there is no current zone-wide non-managed storage for XenServer.

On 7/16/18, 6:20 PM, "Yiping Zhang" <yzhang@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    I assume by "managed storage", you guys mean primary storages, either zone -wide or cluster-wide.
    For Xen hypervisor, ACS does not support "zone-wide" primary storage yet. Still, I can live migrate a VM with data disks between clusters with storage migration from web GUI, today.  So, your statement below does not reflect current behavior of the code.
               - If I want to migrate a VM across clusters, but if at least one of its
               volumes is placed in a cluster-wide managed storage, the migration is not
               allowed. Is that it?
        [Mike] Correct