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Re: Problem with CLOUDSTACK-10240 (Cannot migrate local volume to shared storage)

Is this code already in ACS 

CLOUDSTACK-10240 is listed as fixed in, according to release note here, http://docs.cloudstack.apache.org/projects/cloudstack-release-notes/ja/master/fixed_issues.html, but in the JIRA ticket itself, the "fixed version/s" field says 4.12.

We are using XenServer clusters with shared NFS storages and I am about to migrate to ACS from  Since we move VM between clusters a lot, this is going to be a blocker for us.  Someone please confirm.



On 7/14/18, 11:20 PM, "Tutkowski, Mike" <Mike.Tutkowski@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    While running managed-storage regression tests tonight, I noticed a problem that is not related to managed storage.
    CLOUDSTACK-10240 is a ticket asking that we allow the migration of a virtual disk that’s on local storage to shared storage. In the process of enabling this feature, the VirtualMachineManagerImpl.getPoolListForVolumesForMigration method was re-written in a way that completely breaks at least one use case: Migrating a VM across compute clusters (at least supported in XenServer). If, say, a virtual disk resides on shared storage in the source compute cluster, we must be able to copy this virtual disk to shared storage in the destination compute cluster.
    As the code is currently written, this is no longer possible. It also seems that the managed-storage logic has been dropped for some reason in the new implementation.
    Rafael – It seems that you worked on this feature. Would you be able to look into this and create a PR?