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Current cloudstack prebuilt images wrong VR address

Hello, Devs, Users.

Today I tried to deploy prebuilt centos image from


Previously I already used that images, so I just registered it and created
VM. Unfortunately, I found that cloud-init tries network GW as a source for
metadata when VM starts (to get the password, etc.). So, It doesn't use VR
to get information but attempts to fetch it from the network default GW.
So, It fails.

Next, I downloaded CentOS template which I have used for a year (also from
http://dl.openvm.eu/cloudstack/centos/), created VM and it works nice. It
fetches password and other information from correct VR endpoint.

I suppose there is the error in the current CentOS template. Maybe, someone
who has built them assumes that default GW is always VR which it may be
true sometimes (advanced zones, I suppose), but not in general (I use Basic

Have a good day.

With best regards, Ivan Kudryavtsev
Bitworks Software, Ltd.
Cell: +7-923-414-1515
WWW: http://bitworks.software/ <http://bw-sw.com/>