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Infra Shutdown (Jenkins?)

Hey Everyone,
So CloudOps took over paying for a Citrix AWS account a couple years ago
which apparently has VMs which is supporting the ACS community.  This
account has been costing us about $500/month, so we want to make sure the
VMs are actually used.

I am shutting down the following VMs and if things stop working, please let
me know...

- jenkins.cloudstack.org | IP: | KeyPair: davidnalley
- deb build large | IP: | KeyPair: edison
- <un-named vm> | IP: | KeyPair: davidnalley
- PEOPLE AND FPASTE | IP: | KeyPair: davidnalley

If any of these VMs mean anything to you, please reach out to me.  I can't
justify paying for them if I don't know they are used.


*Will Stevens*
Chief Technology Officer
c 514.826.0190