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Re: [DISCUSS] Blocking the creation of new Basic Networking zones

I never meant for this thread to de-rail into what should be CloudStack
5.0 :-)

I haven't heard any objections against the creation of new Basic
Networking Zones being prohibited, but hey, it's been <24 hours since I
send the first mail.


On 06/20/2018 04:51 PM, Stephan Seitz wrote:
> Hi!
>>> With that we would:
>>> - Drop creation of new Basic Networking Zones
>>> - Support IPv6 in shared IPv6 networks
>>> - Java 9?
>>> - Drop support for Ubuntu 12.04
>>> - Other fancy stuff?
>> - Versioned API: keep v1 API (< v5.0.0)  and create a v2 API >= v5.0.0
>> where we fix all inconsistencies (ACL API generally, paging does not
>> always work, returned keys sometime camel case (crossZone), a.s.o.)
> - Usable Error Messages (including a reason why things failed). Nothing fancy
> I think, following the respective Stacktrace in the Logfile, the top most exception
> shows everything (in most cases), but looks like the last "generic" exception is
> reported. 
>>> - Support ConfigDrive in all scenarios properly

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