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[DISCUSS] Blocking the creation of new Basic Networking zones


We (PCextreme) are a big-time user of Basic Networking and recently
started to look into Advanced Networking with VLAN isolation and a
shared network.

This provides (from what we can see) all the features Basic Networking
provides, like the VR just doing DHCP and UserData while the Hypervisor
does the Security Grouping.

That made me wonder why we still have Basic Networking.

Dropping all the code would be a big problem for users as you can't
simply migrate from Basic to Advanced. In theory we found out that it's
possible by changing the database, but I wouldn't guarantee it works in
every use-case. So doing this automatically during a upgrade would be

To prevent us from having to maintain the Basic Networking code for ever
I would like to propose and discuss the matter of preventing the
creation of new Basic Networking zones.

In the future this can get us rid of a lot of if-else statements in the
code and it would make testing also easier as we have few things to test.

Most of the development also seems to go in the Advanced Networking

We are currently also working on IPv6 in Advanced Shared Networks and
that's progressing very good as well.

Would this be something to call the 5.0 release where we simplify the
networking and in the UI/API get rid of Basic Networking while keeping
it alive for existing users?