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Multiple Physical Networks in Basic Networking (KVM)


I am looking into supporting multiple Physical Networks inside onze
Basic Networking zone.

First: The reason we use Basic Networking is the simplicity and the fact
that our (Juniper) routers can do the routing and not the VR.

ALL our VMs have external IPv4/IPv6 addresses and we do not use NAT

But right now a Hypervisor has a single VLAN/POD going to it terminated
on 'cloudbr0' using vlan://untagged.

But to better utilize our physical hardware it would be great it Basic
Networking would support multiple physical networks using VLAN separation.

For example:

- PhysicalNetwork1: VLAN 100
- PhysicalNetwork2: VLAN 101
- PhysicalNetwork3: VLAN 102

I've been looking into DirectAttached with Advanced Networking, but I
couldn't find any reference to it on how that exactly works.

Right now for our use-case Basic Networking with multiple Physical
Networks would work best for us.

Has anybody looked at this or has any insight of the problems we might
run in to?