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Re: [PROPOSE] Backup and Recovery Framework

Hi Nicolas,

The idea is great. I have some questions though.

Before getting to the questions, your pictures are broken, or at least they
seem broken to me.

How would the “dummy” backup provider work? I mean, what does it do? where
does it storage the "backup"?
What is the difference from this Backup to a Snapshot? Is it simply storing
a snapshot outside the cloud structure?
How would these “backup policies” look like? I mean, what can I configure?
Regarding that parameter “external” of your backup policy, how would it
work if we set it to false?
What are you defining as a backup (what do you mean by backup in the
context of this feature?)? I mean, is it simply a snapshot file that you
store somewhere else?

On Thu, Jun 7, 2018 at 6:05 AM, <daniel.herrmann@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi all,
> +1 for this feature request, thank you for bringing this to life! Volume
> snapshots are what our users currently use as backup solution, which has
> some inherent problems such as handling large volumes and the handling of
> multiple volumes (consistency).
> One thought: when restoring a VM, I think there are two cases to consider:
> - The VM is still in CS and the user just wants to restore an old version
> of the VM
> - The VM has already been deleted and the user wants to restore the
> deleted VM
> As listBackups is described as " listBackups API method. List existing
> backups for a VM". Is the second use case supported at all?
> I like the approach not to define the backup policies in CS but in
> whatever tool is used in the end, as otherwise a lot of features might be
> lost. We as services providers need to create them in the first place, but
> I think this is the better solution.
> Regards
> Daniel
> On 06.06.18, 14:43, "Nicolas Vazquez" <Nicolas.Vazquez@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
>     Hi all,
>     We would like to introduce a new framework into CloudStack that will
> allow adding Backup and Recovery providers as plugins. This framework goal
> is allowing users to backup their guest VMs for recovery purposes.
>     Please find the FS on this link: https://cwiki.apache.org/
> confluence/display/CLOUDSTACK/Backup+and+Recovery+Framework
>     Regards,
>     Nicolas Vazquez
>     Nicolas.Vazquez@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>     www.shapeblue.com
>     ,
>     @shapeblue

Rafael Weingärtner