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[Feature Request] support for cluster wide VM operations

Hi, all:

When making CloudStack API calls on VM instances, many APIs accept parameters to filter VM instances based on domain, pod, and host, where the VM instances belong to.  However, we can’t filter VM instances based on the cluster!  I am wondering if this is a deliberate design decision or it is just an unfortunate neglect?

For example, when calling listVirtualMachines API, I can list all instances belonging to a domain or running on a host, but I also would like to be able to list all instances running on a particular cluster; for startVirtualMachine API, I’d like to be able to start an instance on any hosts belonging to a particular cluster (for affinity group concerns).

IMHO, supporting such cluster wide operations, wherever it makes sense to do so, would be a great convenience improvement for cloud admins and operators alike.